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Why Ilex?

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  1. Ilex is a large genus from which you could make a wide selection.
  2. The most attractive evergreen hollies are Ilex aquifolium and its hybrid Ilex altaclerensis. There are innumerable evergreen cultivars with different habits and varying shapes and colourings of leaves. This species responds well to pruning, even shearing.
  3. All hollies are indifferent to sun or shade. They are robust and have a long life. The great majority of hollies adapt to most soils, but are happiest in moist but well-drained, loamy ground.
  4. Useful for excellent screens, hedges and specimens. Cultivars of Ilex crenata such as 'Dwarf Pagoda' is adaptable for bonsai and rock gardens. Ilex aquifolium 'Lichtenthalii' is an excellent container or tub plant. Ilex respond to pruning and there is no limit to creating living, sculptured forms appropriate to a given landscape.
  5. My parents have taken care of my ilex collection for the last 20 years. For reasons of age, a continuation of my ilex collection is no longer possible. Holly collectors should contact me by September 20th, 2023, if they would like to have cuttings from my holly collection. contact: yvo@meyling.com

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